Intentional living

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Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 (NLT)

If I can use one word to describe our current generation it is DISTRACTED.  We live with more distractions today than we’ve ever had before. Children today have so many things to keep them busy that they are losing their ability to come up with creative toys themselves.

One big result of this distraction is the fact that few people are focused on intentional personal development.  For those who are committed to growth, there is a temptation to do it without human interaction. It is so easy with our current virtual world to find online information for whatever problem you are trying to solve.

This might work well to get the information you need, but there is no way to get connected with people.  We were created for relationship. The very fuel that makes the engine of our lives work is love, not information.  

When Jesus said we need to make disciples, I do not think he had FaceBook in mind.  Even this email you are reading now is not the primary way to get your life connected to God.  God wants us to be in relationships.

This is the reason we find so many people today who are highly informed but struggling with mental health problems.  Our struggles are not going to be solved by reading another great blog or book (as important as it is to live informed).  We have to get to the place where we realise that it is relationship first.

Paul told Timothy in this verse above to “Work hard”.  We can stop right there and say that hard work is what makes you successful.  The thing that Timothy had to work hard in was his relationship with God and to make sure that he can present truth to people without being ashamed.  

This hard work means we have to grow ourselves not only in knowledge, but in character.  We cannot present the truth of God’s Word without the proper character. It is easy to write something online and people never know your character.  It is also easy to read something online and feel like you have done your dues because you are informed.

But, to be able to present truth with Godly character, we need to be intentional to get into relationships.  Those tough relationships that will help you grow. Those relationships that will ask you the difficult questions and challenge your thinking and behaviour.  People who can ask you the tough questions and listen to your heart.

It seems that intentional personal development can easily be put aside nowadays because of the deception of online virtual discipleship.

Get out of your isolation.  Be intentional. Get discipled and grow.