Hearing God

In my previous mail I mentioned that we could all hear from God in a close relationship.  To talk to God is a privilege that we have received through the Gospel of Jesus Christ when He restored our relationship with Him.

Today, I would like to give you five simple and practical tips on what you can do to increase your sensitivity to God’s voice.  I wrote an e-book with some more detail, explanation and examples, but in this mail I would like to give you just 5 practical exercises that can benefit you.

Although this is not a step-by-step ticklist of how you should spend your devotional time, these five things I mention here are the basics I believe you should practice on a regular basis to be able to become attuned to the way God will guide you and speak to you.

None of these things are disciplines you practice naturally, nor will they be easy at first.  Do take the time to be intentional about practicing them and press through the awkwardness you might feel in the beginning.

  1. Focus on God.  Teach your soul to intentionally forget about the things of this world and the cares of life.  Quiet down the voices of worry and doubt and simply focus on who God is.
  2. Thanksgiving.  Create an atmosphere of thanksgiving in and around you.  This is the place where faith will grow.
  3. Use your imagination to see scripture.  Live and feel scripture.  Read with more than just your analytical mind.  Scripture will come alive for you and God will be a real person and not just a concept.
  4. Bless and do not curse.  Become a funnel of blessing.  As you release God’s Kingdom through blessing, it will flow through your heart and change you from the inside out.
  5. Be sensitive to the move of God’s Spirit at all times during the day.  Practice obeying Him in the small things and you will learn to feel what the weight of what His voice sounds like.

Like I mentioned in a previous mail, God restored 4 types of relationships for us through the Gospel.  We’ve briefly looked at the first of these four, i.e.  your relationship with God.  Next week I’ll explain more about the second one; our relationship with people and why this is vital to our sanctification.