Last week we looked at identity. Your identity can only be understood and found in your creator.  But what exactly does it mean to be a child of God?  When you have the spirit of adoption and you don't feel like an orphan, what will the result of that be?


You need to understand the term “birthright”.  A birthright was the privilege given to the firstborn son in a Jewish family. The firstborn son received double the inheritance from the father and inherited a certain amount of the authority in the family. This was not because of anything he did right but simply because he was born first.

Imagine the oldest son not realising his identity and place in the family. This would be the same as having a million euros in your bank account but you live on the streets because you are simply not aware of your wealth and birthright.  Because you lack identity, no amount of wealth you own will make a difference until you realise who you are and what you have as your own.

Jesus Christ is the firstborn from the dead. Because of this all the authority in heaven and on earth belongs to Him.  Not only all authority, but everything in the Kingdom. Because of this, there is no lack of resources available to Him.

Unless you fully understand how much you have in the bank account of your covenant with God through Jesus, your lack of identity will make you live far below what God has intended for you.

This identity got completely destroyed by sin.  When our first ancestors decided to rebel against God, they not only lost sight of the reality of God’s provision, they also sold their birthright like Esau and lost their identity and place in the family. This is the reason Jesus became a man. He restored the birthright, identity and relationship of mankind to God.

In His resurrection, mankind now has a restored birthright and full access to all of heaven’s resources.  Even though your heavenly bank account contains everything that God has available for you, according to Ephesians 1:3, you will not live in the fullness of that birthright unless you understand who you are in Christ.

So many Christians claim God’s promises and provision but still feel and think of themselves as much less than what God has for them.  Your identity in Christ and knowing you are a child of God, adopted into the family and part of the first born from the dead it Is vital to understand in order to have access to the fullness of God’s Kingdom.

One of the most successful tactics the enemy has to steal your identity from you is to make you focus on what you don't have instead of the blessings you have received in Jesus.

Make a quality decision today, to praise God and thank Him for everything you have received from Him, through Jesus. Do not follow your emotions based upon your current experiences. You will only get stuck on a homeless state of living on the street.  Rather, focus on the blessings that God has for you in His Kingdom and give Him praise for that.

When you understand your positional authority in Christ and your birthright, you will live your life in a completely different way.