Creation cries out

Romans 8:19 (ESV) For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.


I always thought that creation was waiting for Jesus to return in order to put things back in order again.  Sin busted the world up so badly that everything is dying and decaying.  It is the same as when kids mess up their room so badly that they cannot fix it themselves.  They need mom to come and fix it again for them.  Or that’s what I thought.

But this Scripture says that creation is waiting for the sons of God to show up.

You see, God expects us to clean up this mess.  The unfortunate reality is, my three year old doesn’t have the ability to clean up the mess but I definitely expect my eleven year old son to clean his room by himself.

This term “sons of God” refers to a level of maturity.  I explained this in detail in my book “It’s time to grow up”.   Creation is not waiting for God to come clean up this mess.  Creation is waiting for us to grow into maturity from children of God to sons of God and take up the mandate that was originally given us to rule and reign on this planet.  God wants His children to be mature enough in order to entrust us with His Kingdom.

The unfortunate reality is that most of God's children don’t know what they need to take authority over.  This is because we don’t know what God created to be ruled.  This is simply found in Genesis the first chapter.

The very first act of creation involved God creating time, space and matter.  Throughout my entire Christian life I have heard people take authority over many kinds of things, but very seldom do people take authority over these three elements, in principle.  When we neglect to take back the rule of these three basic elements, we will not be able to govern the rest of God’s creation.  

Over the next few weeks I will explain a few clear principles on how to make sure that you are in charge of your time, the space that you own and the physical matter that you engage in.  All three of these areas are very intentionally being defiled by the enemy and should be intentionally redeemed in Jesus’ Name.