God created time

Time can be empowered by a blessing or cursed by evil.  This will result in either effective, productive time spent or wasted time spent on unnecessary things. To bless something (the Trevor definition) means you empower it with God’s favour and strength and to curse something means you are imparting evil and unrighteous power into something or someone.  When something or someone is blessed, the nature of God will be seen in the way that it functions or in the fruit it produces.  When something is cursed, it will bear the fruit of darkness.

At night, I would oftentimes look back at the day and evaluate.  Oftentimes, it would be a frustrating exercise, realising I had spent too much time in traffic, my food took far longer to prepare than normal, or I struggled too much to get the kids to bed on time.  Days like those make me feel supernaturally ineffective. I have often wondered why it seems that when one thing goes wrong, oftentime it all goes wrong on the same day!  

I have come to realise it is because, somehow, time got defiled by the enemy and he is stealing my time from me, robbing me of my effectiveness.

God is the source of all blessing and He was the first one to bless anything.  Strangely enough, God declared time holy. Genesis 2:3 (ESV), So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.

Throughout Scripture we see God being very specific about the way He wanted the Israelites to spend their time and how they were to pray for it.  In Numbers 28:11, for instance, we see the Israelites getting a command to make sacrifices in the beginning of the month. They had festivals and instructions for certain times of the year, months, weeks and even instructions for daily time spent.  Many people think it is because God gave the Israelites laws to keep, but what was the design or purpose of these laws?

Time is a created element and we should be intentional to rule over it.  When we bless time and take authority over it, we are taking a part of creation and redeeming it to function in God’s ways.  

So, I started to be more intentional at blessing my time.  I will often-times take authority over time and pray a blessing over my day, week, month, etc.  When I pray for our services on a Sunday, I will bless the time slot of the service. I am often amazed at how efficient I suddenly become without deliberately putting any extra effort into what I was doing then and there.

The reason is simple: my time is being empowered and governed by the favour of the God who created it.  

You need to remember that we were given a mandate to rule over creation.  Time is a created element and we should bless time in the same way we bless anything else.  When your time is empowered by God, you will get so much more done in a shorter time.