Own your space

Have you ever walked into a room and it felt like something crawled up your back?  It feels as though the hair on your neck are standing up straight! Or maybe you experience the exact opposite? You go to visit a friend and as you walk through the doors your heart sighs as it feels as though you have stepped into a haven of indescribable peace?

God designed us with a mandate to rule over creation.  The basic elements of creation are time, space and matter.  It is easy to explain the authority that we have over matter (next week I’ll explain the power of physical land) but we are seldom taught that time and space are also under our jurisdiction.  

We have to remember that the devil is called the prince of the power of the air in Eph 2:2.  The best way to influence people and the earth is to take control of the atmosphere that surrounds them.  That way you can have a direct influence on every person's mind and the physical matter inside that space.   

To take authority in the Name of Jesus over the spiritual realm is hugely powerful but that is also true for the space that physical matter occupies.  The physical world and the spiritual world are so closely linked together that it takes very little to step from the one into the other. In fact, I believe you cannot really separate them.  If you understand the power of “space” you will know that everything you say and do have a direct influence on the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm that occupies all space will then in turn have a direct effect upon your immediate physical world.  

This is the reason people who live in the same residential area are usually subjected to the same behaviour and thought patterns.  The atmosphere is saturated with a spiritual principality that influences their thoughts. When Jesus destroyed the enemy, He took back the authority from the prince of the power of the air.  This means that the Gospel can change the atmosphere you live in.

The Gospel is simple but profound.  The four simple ingredients of the Gospel are so easy to understand, yet we overcomplicate it and therefore miss its power.

  1. God created everything.  He created us to have relationship with Him.

  2. We rebelled against God and sin destroyed both the planet and our relationship with God.

  3. God became man in Jesus and lived the life we should have lived.  He then died the death we should have died in order to redeem us from sin.

  4. In the resurrection, everything got restored.  

When this simple but profound truth settles in your heart, you will realise that you can bring the salvation of the cross into your physical world and change the atmosphere of any place you step into.  When the atmosphere is filled with God's Glory, then even those who do not believe in God will starting thinking and acting according to His Kingdom, because it is occupying the space around them.

The two most profound ways to change your atmosphere are through words and actions.  You need to speak out the promises of God. Do not strengthen that which already exists by speaking that which already is.  Speak and act in the opposite to what is around you and speak and act according to God’s Word, regardless of how you feel. Your life has authority in Christ Jesus.  Become the agent of change for your household and community!

Romans 8:19 (ESV)  For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. Creation is waiting for the redemption of the cross, but we are the ones to minister redemption to creation.   

Next week I’ll explain some aspects around the power of land.  This will put everything into context. Time, space and matter.  We need to live like sons.