Clean your land

Did you know that your struggles might be because of someone else's sin?

Jeremiah 3:1
God says, “If a husband divorces his wife
And she goes from him
And belongs to another man,
Will he still return to her?
Will not that land be completely polluted?

When someone sins on a land, the land itself becomes defiled or polluted. So, when the next person steps onto that land, the pollution of that land will influence them negatively; unless they clean it up.

I have prayed for many houses and physical land.  It is remarkable to see the difference in both the land and the people after the land has been cleansed from previous pollution.  

A friend once asked me to pray for her house.  She was living with a few friends in shared accommodation in London, England.  While we prayed, I sensed that there were occult activities taking place there in previous years in specifically the garage of the house.  After we prayed to break the curses and cleanse the land, my friend reported the next few days that things drastically changed around the house.  The relationships between the housemates improved and even the plumbing issues were resolved; something no plumber could fix despite months of investigation.  

Jesus did not only give us fire insurance.  We are not just simply saved from an eternity in hell.  Jesus became flesh so that He could also redeem creation.  This is the Gospel. All of creation got set free from the power of sin.  

The Gospel is not just a feel good story of hope for heaven.  It is the power of God that brings salvation and restoration to people and creation.  In many instances in Scripture we see God always doing miraculous things on the same piece of land but over multiple generations.  This is because that land has the ability to absorb spiritual power.

This power actively influences the people that live and move on that land. The land itself cannot decide what power it absorbs, e.g. good or evil. This is determined by the people living on that land.  What is important to understand is that your words and actions carry tremendous spiritual power and have a direct influence on the land you occupy.  Pray over your house, land and property regularly and bless it in the Name of Jesus.

God has redeemed creation and gave us full authority over it.  It is time that we start to take back the land that is not yet in possession of the Kingdom.

If there are things happening in your life that you know might be out of character for you, then consider that the land you are living on, working on or even just stepped on to might be the source.  Take Joshua’s approach and claim every place your feet walk on for the Kingdom of God.