It's time to grow up

In my book It’s time to grow up, I show how different people relate to God in different ways.  There are various factors influencing this of course, but the one I focus on in my book is the different levels of spiritual maturity we all find ourselves in.  A teenage boy will relate differently to his parents than his toddler sister, and so too the parents will expect different things from their children.

Although 1 John 2:12-14 mentions three different growth stages in our spiritual walk, it does show us seven different stepping stones we have to grow through in order to live in a fully mature relationship with God.

  1. Knowing the Father

  2. Having your sins forgiven

  3. Overcoming the enemy

  4. Becoming strong in your faith

  5. Living through the Word

  6. Knowing God’s purpose for your life

  7. Living fully in His Kingdom

These seven growth blocks are vital in every person's journey of faith. Too many people try to compare themselves with someone that is living in number 7 while they themselves are still at number 3, trying to learn how to identify and overcome the enemy.  This might cause them to feel very intimidated by a mature believer’s relationship with God.

This will lead to a lot of frustration and disillusionment and eventually to a person feeling very frustrated with God.  It is important for you to know yourself in order to grow in your potential. God will not expect you to overcome the devil if you cannot even overcome offense.  This is why He will be patient with you as you grow into that place of maturity so that you can live in the abundant life He has promised us.

Over the next few weeks I will take you through these seven stages and explain them individually.  It would be good for you to identify where you are and what it would take for you to grow to the next step in your own life.