You should be living in tension


The wise are mightier than the strong,

and those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger.

Proverbs 24:5 (NLT)

If you are not living in tension you are not growing. This might be a comment you wish to challenge, but give me some time to explain. Growth has to do with improving and developing yourself. Unless you plan this growth, you will never understand the benefit of living in tension.

You need to know where you going and growing too. When you've set a growth goal for yourself, rationally, you should understand that you are not there. This is the reason you need to plan the journey. This creates a tension between where you are and your goal. The strain of growing from your current position to your goal is the tension you need to create intentionally. Stretching between your current position and the desired result is a good thing.

If you desire growth, you need to answer these 5 questions.

  1. Do I know what I want to achieve?

    Growing intentionally is something only a few people want. One of the reasons is due to the nature of intentionality. Intentionality requires commitment and clarity. Too many people think growth will happen as life goes on. This kind of passivity is due to a lack of clarity. Do you know what you want to achieve?

  2. Why do I want to reach this goal?

    You should not try to grow simply for the sake of growing. You need to know why you want to develop your skills, knowledge and talents. When you are intentional with your growth goals, you will be much more motivated to meet them.

  3. Am I in the right environment to achieve my goals?

    Your environment determines a lot of your success in life. It is important to be with the right people and organisation and in a proper atmosphere. When you commit to reaching your goal, you would understand how important your environment is for your development. If you need to, change your environment.

  4. Am I willing to sacrifice to achieve this dream?

    Anything worth achieving requires a trade-off. You need to give up the good to gain the best. If you are willing to trade comfort for fruitfulness you will have to make some tough decisions. These tough decisions will be sacrifices that are worthwhile investments.

  5. What alignments do I need?

    Success is never achieved in isolation. You need to align yourself with those who will add to your gifts. Every person has God-given gifts. Many of these gifts amplify and multiply when you align with the right people. Often times people will be in the right place and going in the right direction, yet don't seem to have the desired fruit they need. This might be due to a lack of increasers. God has designed certain people who can increase another's gifts. Increasers need you. Increasers cannot increase nothing. These are God alignments. Ask God to align you with the right people who will maximise your fruit.

Do not feel satisfied with your current situation if you are not fruitful. Be intentional. Ask difficult questions. Make tough choices. Grow! Your talents are what God has given you. Fruitfulness is what you give back to Him.