You were made for greatness

Whenever a product is not used for it's originally intended purpose, you will end up abusing and destroying the product. Substituting a shoe as a hammer might be a normal occurrence for some diy-disabled ladies, but the original purpose of the shoe got altered and will eventually break.  You need to use the product for the reason it was primarily intended or you will destroy it.

Am I still ok with Jesus?

How can you know your heart is tender towards the Lord? When your heart loses its tenderness, forgiving like God will be impossible. Through the grinding of life and rubbing against other difficult souls, you will gradually develop calluses in your heart, resulting in hard-heartedness. This does not occur overnight but happens deceptively slow. Before you know it, bitterness will reign in your life.

What do your mirrors say?

Every situation in life has the potential to reveal something to you about yourself.  When you are humble and teachable, you will allow every situation in life to teach you something.  It becomes a mirror to reveal your character to yourself.  You just need to learn the language of the echo.  Just like this verse above teaches us, hard work without the proper planning (which includes good evaluation), will not prosper you. 

5 virtues that add value to people

Adding value to people is one of the most significant actions we should do every day. Several people believe they have nothing worth adding to another's life.  Excuses like lack of knowledge or success become their identity and reality.  Because of these limiting beliefs, they sit in isolation and fail to impact the world around them in the most basic manner: kindness.